Thai local Luggage Brand



"Sapchoti Group, a renowned leader in bag manufacturing, boasts over 30 years of experience in producing a diverse range of bags. Our forte lies in leveraging cutting-edge technology and proprietary production methods. Catering to leading companies, bag brands, and sports brands domestically and internationally for over three decades, we ensure to meet the escalating demand for our products.

Presently,  Sapchoti has expanded its production line to manufacture over 36,000 travel bags and more than 300,000 other types of bags per month, covering an expansive area of 12,000 square meters with a workforce exceeding 700 skilled personnel.

In the current era of innovation, we are capable of producing travel bags that match global brands' quality standards. Today, we are prepared to introduce PEGASUS,

 a Thai brand offering premium-quality products at competitive prices. We aim to eliminate unnecessary expenses incurred from foreign factory profits, shipping costs, import taxes, middlemen's profits, and the overheads of prominent malls. By manufacturing and directly selling to consumers, we ensure that our prices are more affordable than other brands available in the market.

PEGASUS is another testament to our pride, representing Thai-made travel bags developed by Thais, for Thais, and the global market. We meticulously select the finest raw materials, guaranteeing durability, lightweight design, smooth maneuverability, and comfort at an unbeatable price. Rest assured, our quality matches or even surpasses renowned brands."



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