1. Every travel luggage comes with one year repair coverage excluding any clearance products. Note that once order has been despatched, any changes cannot be made (model, size, or colour)

2. The warranty only covers the following cases -

1. Material degradation

2. A product is improperly manufactured

3. Any product misuse will not be eligible for repair, this includes damages from throwing or equivalent and theft.

4. It is advised for customers’ benefits to make a recording when unboxing a product in case of any problems with a product itself

5. Receipt & Warranty card from sale is needed as an evidence to make a claim.

6. This coverage does not include any delivery/postal charge when customers wish to repair a luggage. This fee will have to be paid by them. Unless customers bring/take the product by themselves at the factory

7. If a product has been altered/customised, it will not be eligible for free repairs.

8. The repair process normally takes 5-10 days from the day the luggage has arrived at the factory

9. Products that do not meet the free coverage criteria are still accepted for repair. Any cost will be paid by a customer

10. Refurbished products will be kept for 30 days and customers will babe to collect them within this period. Beyond this period, it will no longer be the company’s  responsibilities

11. The company will examine the possible cause and the extent of the damage. Any decision by the company is final and a product cannot be changed or returned.

12. A product should be checked thoroughly as soon as it has arrived at the destination. Any damage on arrival can make a claim against the airline.

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